Aems is an MC, Host and Producer from Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK.

Since his early years as a young teenager, Aems was always fascinated by dance music. From old skool rave, hardcore and dance music, Aems was captivated by music and nightclubs. Purchasing his first turntables at 13, he hung around record shops and collected cassettes and vinyl furiously, pestering the staff and plastering his room with flyers and posters from events he was too young to attend.

Aems handed out cassettes to anyone who would listen, until finally, he was given a set playing at legendary old skool event "History Of Dance" in Newcastle.

He continued to DJ as much as possible, playing Old Skool, Hardcore and Jungle to anyone who would listen before moving to Leicester in 2004 and joining Formation Records as an office assistant. It was here that he really started to push his music, slowly making a name for himself as a warm up at multiple events across the midlands. 

While living in Leicester, he started to attend HipHop events and, having dabbled with rap here and there, was convinced to join NGU Records as an MC.

Upon his return to Newcastle, he threw himself fully into music, gaining emplyment as a Technician at both Foundation and Digital Nightclubs and began to MC more and more across the HipHop and DnB events in the North-East, whilst promoting free hiphop events for MCs which gained the interest of BBC 1Xtra with a live all-day broadcast on the station. Dividing his time between HipHop events, Rap Battles and hosting DnB events, he quickly started to make a name for himself in the region.

The birth of Dubstep triggered a new excitement from Aems and he jumped aboard as Resident MC when the first Newcastle event - "Heavyweight" - launched in 2008. Playing host to now legendaries such as Skream, Rusko, Caspa, Jakes and many many more, Aems cut his teeth as a full time MC, controlling sets for most of Dubstep's biggest names.

It's at this time that Newcastle's longest running and biggest DnB event - "Turbulence" - offered Aems the resident MC role. Having been a Turbulence attendee religiously, Aems quickly agreed and as Resident MC for Turbulence, hosted for every big name you can think of in DnB.

Bookings across the UK followed, with multiple appearances on Get Darker TV, as well as bookings at multiple Drum n Bass and Dubstep shows across London and the rest of the UK.

Aems has appeared on multiple tracks as an MC, working with Stenchman, Suspect, Tyrone, Smoove, Sukh Knight, Orien, Skinnyman, L Dot Man, Rick Fury, and many more

Besides his work as an MC, Aems has done countless production work, with radio play from Zane Lowe, Mistajam, Nick Grimshaw and more on the BBC, as well as plays on Kiss FM, Rinse FM and others, as well as remix work for multiple artists (most recently - The Weeknd), and millions of plays on his productions on Youtube.

He also hosted his own show on SubFM which had guest interviews from some of the biggest names in Dubstep and DnB.

Today, Aems is still working hard, with recent highlights including supporting Wilkinson LIVE, Chase and Status, Delta Heavy and Andy C, as well as continuing to be at the forefront of the Drum N Bass and Dubstep events in Newcastle.